Bus Conversion Gallery – Before and After!



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It took a year, a lot of hard work, a lot of re-purposing. The words “shim” and “jerry-rig” were bandied about quite a little bit… Now, here is our bus conversion. We’re ready to hit the road and find our homestead! This tiny home is ready to be lived in while we are on our big road trip! We still have a little, old tv to mount. We still have a few items on our “wish list” of improvements (solar composting toilet, finish veg oil conversion, completing a 12v water pump install…) — but this is it! Let us know what you think! Most of the individual projects in this bus have a DIY tutorial here on our blog, but feel free to ask us any questions! It all started with removing the old bus seats. From there we created what I consider to be a masterpiece, not only because it is visually and functionally awesome, but also due to the fact that we created so much of this with no precedent to refer to — from scratch, trial and error, a little help from our friends and some great professionals, and a lot of patience and compromise. Here is a gallery of the process of our RV bus conversion project!

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Update: We’ve added a few things since we’ve been on the road, here are some little luxuries that keep ALFie feeling like home — Including: mini bar, Dry Flush toilet, window screens, awning, screened in porch room, and more storage!

10 thoughts on “Bus Conversion Gallery – Before and After!

  1. Looks awesome! So happy for you two! I especially love the pics of Dave warming his hands by the fireplace and you doin what you do on the loo.

      • You’re very welcome! I really like what you’re doing. My wife and I are currently looking for a step van to convert and take our growing family out on the road on a similar quest….we’ll be looking for off grid lifestyles and permaculturists to share, learn and spread knowledge. We’re travelers at heart with a bus in England and family I the US, so we’re doing it by-continental. Can you tell me what kind of mpg you get by chance?

        Thx and we’ll probably cross paths one of these days!

  2. That is so fantastic, I wish more people would do this! It’s been a really incredible journey for us, we’re currently holed-up in a guest house at a farm in New Mexico working on our book and getting ready to settle down and start that farm (that wont be in NM, but it’s a gorgeous place to stop in the winter). We have an iphone app that we track our fuel and mileage with called GasCubby. According to this, with all our gear loaded onto the bus we are still well under the maximum weight limit of 10k lbs. and get an average of 10mpg (but depending on the terrain/traffic we get anywhere from 7-16mpg) — pretty good for an RV! Keep in touch, we’re working on some projects/resources to try and make it easier for people head out on such a Quest!

  3. Is the velcro for your window screens just hot glued or gorilla glued or something? I’m wondering what would stick to metal and stay through temperature changes, etc. I attached screens to our minibus windows with magnets, but would like to find a better solution! Thanks, the remodel looks fantastic!

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