Day 1 on the road: Decompression

Day 1-1

Empty house, nervous dogs…

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On our last day in our old house, we awoke to a classic hot and rainy Oregon summer hell — pretty much the worst combination of weather for two people trying to move a ton of belongings while somewhat hungover from our Bon Voyage party in Portland, Oregon. It was painful, and we were craving the open road. And cheeseburgers –Thank you to all our friends who came out to send us off right and helped share our Facebook and blog pages — We have received tens of thousands of hits in the days following!

After another 20+ hours of packing furiously and minimizing, we were (at last!) able to hit the road. We landed at our first destination at 10 p.m.: Eugene, Oregon.

Day 1-2

From 3 story house to short bus – Minimization complete!

Our first stop in Eugene, Ore.

Our first stop in Eugene, Ore.

So far ALFie has run great, the dogs are starting to get used to the idea that other canines are allowed to exist in the world (After some initial “aggression”, they have made a lot of new friends at our first campground) and we’re working on some organization and decompression, which seems a long time coming. We cracked open a beer that I brewed for the occasion in our “fermentation station”, a malty, golden ale with a slight hop bite that I call “Golden Road.”

Day 1-3


I have previously noted how the day comes when the big change you’ve planned comes to fruition, and it never quite turns out like you think. Our sweet freedom hasn’t quite sunk in yet. There are a lot of aching muscles, general discombobulation, and several moments of just looking at each other in shock and sort of bursting into hysterical laughter because… Well, we are a little insane with exhaustion and we are kind of amazed with ourselves that we have finally pulled this off after 2 years of planning, building, hoping, waiting, and working harder than we ever have in our lives.

We sold our house and nearly everything in it. Now we’re finally full-time on our Free Range Quest in the home we built with our own two (er, four) hands.

And it feels wonderful. We highly recommend it…

Decompressing in our new Tiny Home!

Decompressing in our new tiny home on wheels!

See you on the next stop — Let us know if you have any suggestions for a place to go on the 4th of July where there will NOT be a lot of fireworks… We are trying to spare the pups from any more stress… National parks, perhaps?


One thought on “Day 1 on the road: Decompression

  1. You have a nicer TV than us!! 🙂

    And congrats on reaching the start of your adventure! You really have no idea how jealous I am… No… I….De…Ah….

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