Slideshow: Our day at LucasFilm!

alfie lucasfilm postcard

Why do some people love going to the office, day after day? Now we understand…

Working in a corporate office seems pretty damn fun when ET’s bike is flying through the stairwell, Slimer’s head is mounted in the hallway, and R2D2 greets you in the lobby.

We were lucky to get to spend the day at LucasFilm with our good friend, the very handsome, charming, brilliant, talented, Joey! Joey works for LucasFilm’s Industrial Light & Magic Visual Effects headquarters in the Bay Area. With his help, we got to check out original artwork, props, costumes, and equipment from the coolest movies ever… including THE Holy Grail of props. We probably weren’t supposed to take photos or touch anything… Oops!

If we ever had to work in an office again, this would be the type of office that could hold us — Awesome! Everyone should create the opportunity to make magic a part of their daily life; whether it be at the office, at home, or out in the world. Check out a few snapshots from our day at LucasFilm here:

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