About Our Project

What are we doing?

We quit our jobs, sold our 3-story house and converted a 1999 GMC Diesel Mini Bus (That we affectionately refer to as ‘A Little Further’ or ‘ALFie’) into a tiny cabin on wheels in order to embark upon a skill-gathering, music-making, culinary exploration across the United States (and beyond!). Tearing down the road, we’ve embarked on a quest to manifest a new life. Chucking mirrors and clocks, we let go of that which did not serve our greater purpose and created our own set of rules; sacrificing the stifling drudgery we’d grown accustomed to in order to reclaim a more intentional, exciting, and sustainable slice of life.

Our project is about summoning the will to start over, defining personal freedom, confronting and embracing fears, and living a more intuitive life. It follows the path of our life upheaval and shares the stories of others who have cultivated their own worlds and communities; personal theme parks that reflect their particular philosophies and celebrate individual ideas of freedom and happiness.

We uncover the reasons why we set aside our ambition, allowing our instincts and desires to atrophy in favor of lives that would have horrified our younger selves. We examine why many of the things we’d like to do in order to become more fulfilled or self-sufficient are illegal — and we chronicle our experiences engaging in many of those activities (see: drinking raw milk, makin’ moonshine, harvesting our own rain water, living off the grid, etc.).

Because our own mission was to start a rather unique farm, there are themes of food and agronomy. Turning over the soil to reveal fresh earth and inspiration, cultivating personal sovereignty, weeding out the guilt and the bullshit… Feeding ourselves and our neighbors instead of allowing the world to feed upon us.

Along the way, we meet up with some of our greatest human inspirations to see what they surround themselves with in order to harness their creativity so that they can share their talents with the world.

While traveling we learn some very useful self-sufficiency skills, tour some of the most interesting micro and permaculture farms in the USA, and explore alternative energy systems, artistic respites, and underground food movements. We have also been invited to experience some luxury, eco-friendly hotels, theme parks, and forward-thinking corporate campuses that aim to change the status quo and inspire everyone to live a motivated and rewarding life — even within the confines of more conventional careers and lifestyles.

This quest is our investment in adventure. This is our journey to find the freedom to Enjoy The Now.

Where are we doing it?

Our quest begins in Portland, Oregon as we minimize our possessions, reorganize our life and priorities, and carefully plan our trip in a way that allows us to continue to work and doesn’t impede on our ideal quality of life. From Portland, we will be touring the United States and parts of Canada. Our journey can be tracked at www.FreeRangeQuest.com

Why are we doing it?

Because we need to know the answers to these questions:

  • Where will we be if we start putting as much effort into our own happiness and goals as we did into building our dang chicken coop (which we spent many zealous hours designing, constructing and adjusting to our chickens’ preferences)?
  • What will our lives look like if we live them in a way that nourishes our inherent talents, and forces us to focus on the things that are truly necessary to us?
  • How will our aspirations change when we actually start pursuing them instead of yapping about them in between complaints about how we’ll never achieve them?
  • How would our lives improve if we learned to create/do most of the things we currently pay other people to create/do for us?
  • What would happen if we stopped focusing on making money (especially for other people) and started focusing on the investments we make in ourselves?
  • How can we take the best that technology has to offer and join it with the most important lessons that history has taught us to create a minimalistic, yet comfortable life that really energizes and inspires us?

Who are we?

David is an Emmy Award-winning Journalist and Musician with a mountain of survival skills under his belt. Originally from the upper Midwest, Dave was raised with hearty meals and an even heartier diet of music. He creates rocking tunes while on his adventures and appreciates farm life, the great outdoors, and cooking with fire.

Kristina is a Culinary Artist who specializes in mixing historical cooking techniques and recipes with farm-fresh, modern twists. A Portland, Oregon native with a passion for international travel, Kristina has been spoiled with some of the best in food and wine. Her background in entertainment PR and marketing inspired her to live a more engaging life. She now lives to feed others, connect people with their true passions, explore the universe, learn new skills, and take care of animals.

They both strive to take the best that technology has to offer and join it with the most important lessons that history has taught them to create a minimalistic, yet comfortable life that energizes, inspires, and nourishes. Free Range Quest is their odyssey to find their own sense of freedom

How are we doing it?

A lot of hard work and sacrifice brought us to the beginning of our journey. We continue to get by with a little help from our friends and the amazing community that continues to build around us as we travel, learning new skills every day.

Stay tuned-in to www.FreeRangeQuest.com to see how our projects are progressing and exactly how we make this work! Subscribe to updates via our homepage and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @FreeRangeQuest

See you down the road!

David & Kristina

© 2010-2015 Free Range Quest, Von Kroug Farms

18 thoughts on “About Our Project

  1. behind you in the canadian border wait on 4-5-13 looked you up, Read your story. Im impressed Good luck on your journey!

  2. Best wishes on a soul nurturing, exciting adventure! Christopher and I are looking forward to following along.

  3. I have tears of Joy for the both of you. Determined with courage, I predict that when the time comes and your vision becomes reality, your futures will be a sole result of the unity, love, and encouragement you have for one another. This, you cannot put a price on. Take Care of You and Yours.

  4. I saw you on the road today on the 405 in LA. Have a wonderful trip! I also saw your cute doggie looking out the side window. I took a look at the cite to see what it was about, I’m inspired. Thank you

  5. Great to meet you guys at Essex Farm today! I’m so inspired by you and wish you nothing but love on your journey! Woo-hooo! =)

    • Thank you so much, Vicki! We are inspired by YOU! It was so great to meet you at the farm and hear your stories — when we are near the end of our writing on this first book we’d love to send you an advance copy to critique!

  6. You guys rock! Keep up the good work- I like the notion of “leaving your comfort zone” and “embracing new experiences” isn’t that what life is all about? I think it is. Cool beans! 🙂

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