That’s a wrap! From school bus to cabin on wheels!

The "BEFORE" Photo

The “BEFORE” Photo

It’s an unwrapped wrap!

We got a call Thursday morning – For the first time with ANY vendor we have worked with on the bus conversion project, something was done ahead of schedule! A Little Further’s exterior makeover was complete!

It’s been a well-kept secret, but as you can see now, the idea was for a “cabin on wheels.”

The "AFTER" photo!

The “AFTER” photo!

Months ago we began pricing paint jobs, and WOW are they expensive…  The quotes we got to prep and paint the bus were more than the quote we got to paint our house. Slapping a new coat of boring paint on the bus didn’t seem quite right. Still, some RV parks don’t allow yellow school bus paint jobs, and we wanted to have a rolling home that felt warm and inviting, something that looked like “us”.

So, after much research, Kristina discovered PDX Wraps in Sherwood, Oregon. They were super professional and STOKED to do this makeover! There, we met Casey and Sonny (awesome dudes!) and checked out some of their work for the Portland Timbers, Oregon Ducks, racing teams and other high-profile companies as well as private parties with obviously excellent taste . The impact of their previous work could not be denied — A vinyl wrap was exactly what we were looking for. Less expensive than paint, PLUS he aesthetic possibilities were endless! The wrap is durable & lasts for YEARS. They can wrap nearly ANYTHING (and they can wrap WITH anything! We’re talking chrome, matte, carbon fiber, original art, photos, IT’S LIKE MAGIC!) and they also created the labels for our seed packets that we’ve been using as “business cards” for FRQ — AWESOME! The photo-real distressed wood with nail and wrought iron hinge detail is perfect for our new, tiny home.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of A Little Further’s brand new do –>

alf chrome emblem

Click here for interior photos!

Let us know what you think!

– Kristina & David-

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