Boondockers Farm


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Sometimes it’s easy to overlook bounty in your own backyard. We’ve always known that the Portland area and Oregon have the spoils of so many microclimates and the food that they can provide.

Recently we got to tour Boondockers Farm just outside Beavercreek

“It’s chaotic, but at least they’re all free-rangers,” our guide Rachel said of their many flocks.

Heritage breed ducks, chickens, pigs and the beautiful Dutch belt cattle roam the many rolling acres, where they also grow heirloom seeds while practicing permaculture systems.

The piglets seemed to be the stars of our visit. These wide-smiling pigs were born to breed and charm everyone who crosses their path!

Please visit these fine hardworking farmers at the farmer’s markets around Portland. They are so very helpful and have created such a bountiful and educational farm. These people KNOW how to do it and work their tails off to make their farm the heritage-breed-preserving, permaculture paradise that it is.

We picked up one of their rare-breed Ancona ducks to smoke for four hours over low heat on the Traeger (after marinating it in fresh squeezed orange juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, chili paste, lemongrass, bay, and white wine) — it was a positively gorgeous meal…

We had a great experience at this farm, we will write more about their incredible operation and look forward to seeing our Boondockers friends again (and stocking up on those INCREDIBLE duck eggs) next time we visit Oregon.

Check out their website to see which farmer’s market they will be at this week!

-Dave and Kristina-

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