Kitchen counter and storage install part 2 + Bathroom walls!

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Night and day (in below freezing temperatures and with multiple layers of clothing) we installed the kitchen countertop and sink, and the bathroom wall (next up in the bathroom is a recycled wine cork floor!). We chose a cedar plank paneling for a few of ALFie’s walls for the color, ease of install, and aromatics… I saw a spider the other day… I hear bugs and rats hate cedar. I hope so. It certainly helps with neutralizing the smell of our pups after muddy hikes with us.

Every time we make a big bunch of progress on ALFie, we make a point to get rid of a few pieces of furniture and take a box or five to Goodwill. This week we sold a couch and got rid of a bunch of clothes. All proceeds go toward our mission. Plus, freeing up even more space in the house is motivational and will make the eventual moving process a lot easier!

We still need to install the sliding barn door to the bathroom, the overhead and kitchen cabinets, and the storage cabinet with the space for our mini fireplace at the foot of the bed platform. The fireplace cabinet is a challenge because the space is a little awkward, but we obviously need to utilize every inch that we can.

Here are the latest pics!

Click here to check out a slideshow of what the bus looked like before any construction began!


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