Simple, inexpensive roll-up bus/RV curtains

Here’s a little DIY curtain project for our awkwardly sized bus windows, they are easily removable and totally convertible — We added a screen print of one of our favorite band posters from Saint Jude to dress it up, but you could also add pockets, as the industrial strength Velcro can handle a decent amount of weight and extra storage is always a plus in small spaces:


  1. Sewing machine (you could do this by hand, but it’s easier to sew through the Velcro with a machine)
  2. Scissors
  3. Canvas drop cloth (I got mine for $15 at the Home Depot, cheaper than buying canvas by the yard at the fabric store)
  4. Industrial strength Velcro
  5. Ribbon or more velcro to secure the curtain in the rolled up position


Cut the canvas to size (we cut ours 2 inches larger than the window all around which allows for full coverage and the hem), hem the edges while sewing over the soft side of the Velcro in each corner. Add ribbon ties, embellishments or pockets to either side of your curtain.

Stick the opposite side of the Velcro to the soft side that is already secured to the curtain. Remove the sticky back from the Velcro when you are ready to secure it to the wall over your window — be sure you have the curtain exactly where you want it, the industrial sticky-backed velcro is very strong and almost impossible to re-position. Pull your curtain taught and secure the bottom Velcro corners. Allow the sticky-backed velcro to “cure” overnight before pulling the Velcro apart or rolling up your curtains.

The next day you can roll your curtains up and secure with your ribbon ties (or with another tab of Velcro). This is such an easy solution for window coverings that create 100% privacy, allow you to easily change your decor with the seasons (just rip off the old ones and stick up a new style!), and it’s super inexpensive — Just $20 for all the supplies I used to cover 6 windows on our bus conversion!


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