DIY sliding, barn-style door for our bus/RV conversion — UNDER $30!

stained glass alfie2 stained glass alfie1

I created a sliding door ALFie’s bathroom for under $30! Some of these barn-style door hardware kits are hundreds of dollars, I wanted to find a way to simplify and slash that cost drastically (Later we added a custom stained-glass window to the door which certainly took the price above $30, but if you are just looking for a basic door, $30 or less is totally do-able!)

I went to Home Depot, picked up a $20 door, and had it cut to the correct height for my project for free. Since it is not a solid wood door, I put the open end toward the floor and stuck a couple of furniture sliders that we had in a junk drawer to the bottom so that it wouldn’t scratch the floor as it opened and closed (this could be done on casters as well). Before I hung the door, I stained it with my homemade olive & cedar oil to seal it and make it shine!

Bathroom door ALF-5

I added two eyelet screws ($1 for 2) to the top of the door and threaded them through a piece of copper conduit ($6). I added copper couplings and caps (about $.30 ea.) to the conduit ends and strapped them down with screws and conduit straps that we had lying around the garage — Those optional items can be added for about $.25 ea. (I also used these straps as a door handle and as a floor guide to keep the door from swinging outward [or inward toward the wine cork floors] while we are driving!)

It works great, looks beautiful, and is a real space-saver! I’m super proud of this project! We will be adding a stained glass window, custom-made by famed glass Artist, Neil Krough, in a few weeks. This should put the perfect finishing touch on our RV bathroom!


Update: We have added the stained glass window from artist Neil Krough of Waterstone Glass — It is GORGEOUS! 

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