Today is the Day! Steak for a good cause!

Greetings from Amarillo, Texas!

Free Range Quest is raising funds for FamilyFarms Charities by taking The Big Texan Steak Ranch Challenge TODAY! This means Kristina will attempt to follow in the footsteps of Joey Chestnut and a 500 lb. bengal tiger by eating a 72 oz. steak with shrimp cocktail, salad, a roll and butter in under an hour! Whether she wins or loses (or experiences a “reversal” in the provided bucket), Family Farms win!!! You can still donate today via the paypal donate button on our website (in the right hand sidebar, be sure to note your donation is for “STEAK”)! Gluttony for charity begins shortly!

Possible Live-stream via

Happy New Year!

steak challenge

UPDATE: I finished a respectable 24oz. and one shrimp — PLUS we raised $355 for! Thank you dear readers for your generous contributions!!!


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