The Mother Earth News Fair! (IT’S AMAZING)

Free Range Quest was invited to the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington last weekend.

We learned about beekeeping, aquaponics, cheesemaking, fermentation and much more!

We got to tan hides, build earth ovens, pet alpacas (not the one from Arrested Development) and cows, buy some duck eggs, eat amazing treats and make a whole lot of new friends who share our love of farming, cooking and living closer to the wild.

It’s amazing who’ll come aboard our bus to share their wisdom and enthusiasm —

We got to meet up again with Polyface Farm owner and author Joel Salatin on A Little Further! He had practical tips on how to start farming whether you live in a rented apartment, city lot, 200 acres, or an RV!

It was very interesting to talk with Hollywood actor and activist Ed Begely Jr. who explained to us the revolutionary benefits of his composting toilet EnviroLet (seriously, this is something everyone should open their mind to and check out!).

We heard inspiration from author and aquaponics expert Sylvia Bernstein who spoke to us about creating an aquaponics system that grows year-round fruit, veggies, greens, and EDIBLE fish!

Author and self-taught homesteader Miles Olson shared his fascinating and hilarious experiences in the wilderness when he spoke about how he “Walked away from civilization.”

Coming soon we’ll be publishing some of our interviews with Joel Salatin, Ed Begley Jr. and Sylvia Bernstein, plus more fun photos and tales from the road.

For now, we’ll just say that this event is like No Other! The magazine, now in its 43rd year hosts the event to showcase sustainable living systems — if you are interested in anything ‘DIY’, saving money on energy, growing your own food, becoming more self-sufficient, learning age-old arts & skills, or checking out the latest in sustainable technology, farming, homesteading — you must get out to one of these events!

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