Free Range Quest: Simplify… do or die!

In an effort to un-hoard, we sold our dining table and chairs, a side table, our guest bed and frame, our giant dresser (who needs a dresser when all we wear is The Uniform?!), and any remaining childhood memorabilia — save for one mint condition 1979 Boba Fett bounty hunter action figure.

As my family knows, when I was a wee lad I enjoyed the Star Wars franchise. Of course, as with many childhood pursuits, once I finally got out of my collecting phase the remnants would be left behind to the ages, the Craigslists and the eBay.

In kind of an awkward, post-hoarder situation, there Boba Fett sat, alone in the empty dining room, sans furniture.

We listed it on eBay for far below the researched value. It continued to sit for weeks. We could not feel free until we rid ourselves of this symbol from our lives as collectors, avoid-ers, savers of “keepsakes.”

Our feeling of being stifled was amplified as we faced a mountain of perceived challenges from the universe. Questioning this Quest had become a daily ritual as  mechanical problems in the bus and the Honda (our daily transportation) mounted.

It seemed every time we left the house we were plagued with a new disaster. Because we have less “stuff” to distract us, we have been forced to deal with an increasingly streamlined focus on the issues right in front of us (Terrible, right? Dealing with reality sucks!).

After the car troubles with both bus and Honda, and Kristina’s scary close call with a falling ladder while driving ALFie home from the shop, we were asking ourselves “Is the force with us? Is the universe telling us to turn back?”

The most recent evidence of universal discord was a literal explosion that occurred on the bus — WHILE Kristina was driving. It turned out to be a faulty fire extinguisher that had burst (luckily not the engine or anything that affected the mechanics of the bus). Kristina weaved through traffic, clouds of carbon dioxide powder billowing from the windows until she was able to pull to the side of the road. I spent hours on the (not yet completed) clean-up effort.

She was not seriously hurt, but full of CO2 dust inside and out and a bit shaken up. All things considered, I think she handled everything well…

After this string of unfortunate, dangerous, project-stalling mishaps, Boba Fett taunted us from his perch in our empty dining room like a Chucky in Mandalorian armor – we began to think progress would evade us and The Fear peeked its ugly head back in.

Disturbances in the Force, you could say.

After posting these experiences, a lot of good input came in from our friends and readers. One email in particular (from a reader on the other side of the world!) inspired us to continue:


“I’m not so good at sharing deeply held beliefs in public, but I was really interested to read about the universe and your fears.

I’ve had lots of brilliant ideas and dreams over the years, and I barely tried to chase any of them. I then get to see other people succeed with them. Now that I’m a happily married man, I need to step up and follow through with some of my dreams.

Everything I’ve ever heard, read or seen relating to people stepping out of the ordinary and pursuing dreams tells the same story. Your resolve will be tested the hardest right before the good things start to happen. Most people would give up when things go wrong, and withdraw back to their normal lives without ever knowing if they would have made it.

I don’t know if any of that shit is true, but it sounds good to me. Another way to look at it is, what’s the worst that could happen?

So you get hit by a truck and die.

Well shit, that could happen to any of us on any ordinary day already. Everybody dies, but not many people get to die doing what they love. (Morbid!)

So you go on this big adventure, go broke and lose everything.

Fuck it, at least you tried. And at least you would know that this wasn’t the big adventure you guys were looking for. You get to rebuild and try with your next adventure.

As long as you have each other, you can do anything in the world you want. IF this is still what you want to do, I say go for it. Nothing would be worse than to die wondering what if… 

Jesus, what a preacher. This little rant is as much if not more about me than about you guys. We have an idea, that will soon become a plan, and it’s time for us to start working it. I will meet the same obstacles and fears, and I hope I can overcome them when they hit.

Finally, if you guys do carry on with the FRQ and the shit hits the fan after all, it wasn’t my goddamn fault.”


Best letter of encouragement EVER. We continue because of this.

We are still able to press on, nothing has stopped working entirely, our design and build is looking better by the day, no one’s in jail… We decided after reading the above email that we were due for a streak of good luck…

The next morning Boba Fett sold.

-David & Kristina

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