Building the Bed Platform -or- The Case of the Tiny Space!

This week we started the construction of the bedroom in ALFie. We decided on a raised storage platform because storage is what we are lacking most in the space and we liked the idea of the bed being toward the back of the cabin, near the windows that we know are staying put.

The height of platform is 18″ which will allow ample headroom when our bed is folded into a couch position, this will also leave enough storage space for winter bedding, an aerobed, fuel, any necessary wiring, people we are sneaking into drive-in movies, our massive drug stash  and pet supplies… Whatever. I now refer to it as: The Basement.

I decided to carpet the inside of the basement to provide extra insulation, for road noise reduction, to keep things from sliding around in transit, I thought it looked nicer… and ’cause I kinda like the smell of new carpet.

ALFie is really starting to come together, but having this platform installed reminds me that I need to come up with some serious small space solutions! How can I successfully squeeze in the kitchen and bathroom? Will we find space for more storage? How can we maximize seemingly unusable space and properly take advantage of the height of the cabin while still creating a visual flow and minimizing claustrophobia? Send me your thoughts, links, ideas, cash, cool bumper stickers, photos, and positivity… and check this out:

This guy has less square footage than we do! (Though, he does have more cubic footage…) Take a look at one of the smallest apartments in Manhattan…if this guy can make it work, we’re golden, right?:


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