Keep on truckin’! Powering through discouraging delays

Though we’ve had some major delays in our remodel schedule, we were still able to make some great progress during the month of August. We got a pretty nasty rock chip in the windshield and that needed to be repaired right away — the guys and gals at Safelight (and our amazing USAA insurance coverage) did a great job with that.

After the damage was fixed we did an exterior cleaning (at the giant Jubitz carwash – Shout out to our little carwash-loving nephew, he would have been thrilled!) and we completed another thorough interior cleaning (including the painstaking process of removing a sticky load of safety decals) so that we could put down insulation and subflooring. We are using tape to mark off the layout and measuring our lumber for framing. The next steps will include framing and insulating the exterior walls in addition to building the storage platform for our bedroom.

We have worked through a few different designs and have a supremely talented Architectural Design Guru, Colin “The Starchitecht” Jensen consulting on our project (one of his original 3D rough draft illustrations of the layout is in the gallery below) — The final layout is still being rearranged to comply with weight restriction and distribution needs, and with our solar power system, but I think the ideas he has so far are pretty amazing… definitely motivational to me. Here are a couple of links to the two interiors that I have drawn the most inspiration from:

Remodelista: Jane Hallworth in Los Angeles

Maine Home Design: New Life Down an Old Road


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