Recipes on the Road: Mead brewed with chamomile!

This recipe is so easy… The short version is to just dissolve a quart of honey in enough water to fill a gallon jug and add a load of Chamomile blossoms, then a half package of prepared Montrachet yeast and let it sit for a month under an air lock… Badda bing badda boom

If you are new to brewing or mead, here are the details:

  1. Sterilize a glass gallon jug and airlock (I found mine at Portland Homebrew Exchange)
  2. Over medium heat in a sauce pan, dissolve honey into water
  3. Turn off heat and add as many fresh or dried chamomile blossoms as you like (mine came from my garden, super easy to grow, but you can get these in brew shops, tea shops or various grocery stores – or you can use tea bags!), stir and steep (covered) until the mixture reaches room temperature
  4. While your brew is cooling prepare a half package of Montrachet (or any champagne yeast) by stirring with 5 tablespoons of warm water and a teaspoon of sugar, let this mix sit loosely covered until it starts bubbling
  5. Strain room temperature brew into your sterile gallon jug and pitch your activated yeast on top
  6. Cover with an airlock and let it sit for 4-6 weeks (bubbling will slow significantly, but not stop) feel free to taste at this point to make sure it’s just right, you can let it keep going until the bubbling stops and it will be a bit drier — just don’t bottle when it’s super bubbly or your bottles might explode… Which has never happened to me (woodknocking).
  7. Strain into sterilized bottles and keep refrigerated until you enjoy.

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