Free Range Quest: The Uniform: some staples we enjoy -or- the search for THE ULTIMATE UNIFORM!

Below are some items we wear currently as clothing staples. Many we chose  based on a low price, ease of replacement, quality, and fit. I always keep an eye out for items that wash well and don’t wrinkle easily because dry cleaning is a toxic, pain-in-the-ass and I’d like to never have to do that again. We are still on the hunt for the perfect, versatile, tactical hoodie. I’m always looking for a great fitting and comfortable denim that is tough enough for working in, wearing often, and washing regularly. I owned a lot of clothes, but I always come home and end up putting the same, comfortable thing on at the end of the day – It looks good, it feels good, it works – So instead of amassing clothing that I wear rarely, I am now wearing/buying only my favorite pieces. I own 7 of the exact same shirt in 2 colors. I own two pairs of my favorite brand of denim. I own many scarves. I have several pairs of the same socks in 2 colors and about a million other undergarments which I am still minimizing — How many times have you gone through your pile of underwear and gazed in disgrace at an uber-comfortable yet tattered pair that you’ve held onto like a security blanket since you were a teenager? Admit it! Never again, I say!

Shoes are the toughest for me. Dave lives in Vans and Harley boots, but I have yet to find a balance of function and fashion in simply two pairs of shoes – a classic chick lament, eh? Even as I pare down my typically “utilitarian modern hippie chic” (orsoiliketothink) attire, I find myself getting sucked into flashy, fun, on-trend items. I admit to a monthly scarf indulgence (notthatanyoneasked), as that collection takes up minimal space and is a great functional accessory — I do love fashion, but I guess I am more of a voyeur than a participant in that game, I just want to feel really good every day and be able to do what I need to do with little thought or tumult. All part of our quest for peace through simplicity.

We are very open to any ideas regarding minimalist style, someone already sent me this killer link to a crazy spendy but multi-functional looking, rad hoodie with thumbholes and hidden pockets!

So, whoever is out there, please share any favorite staple items or any links to tried and true utilitarian pieces that are comfortable and still look flattering. What/Where should I check out next in order to piece together the perfect ensemble for the minimalist, non-nudist, traveling culinary artist?

What are items of clothing/accessories that you love and buy in several colors/over and over again?

What is an item of clothing that you have held onto for a shamefully long time? Confess!

We will be reviewing more pieces as we search for and settle on THE ULTIMATE UNIFORM!

(Jumpsuit perhaps? …Or maybe we would prefer to not look like we have joined/started a cult…)



Some staple items we enjoy:

For Denim

Kristina’s T-shirts – she has a few in white and black

Hoodies – We both wear a small men’s hoodie from H&M because they are made a little thicker than the ladies version 



One thought on “Free Range Quest: The Uniform: some staples we enjoy -or- the search for THE ULTIMATE UNIFORM!

  1. Since I bounce between New Zealand and America, I am constantly striving to find the perfect wardrobe that works for all occasions and that can easily fit in my luggage without the drama of being over in weight…

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